Just Released!

Sleep Baby Sleep (4.2MB) A collaboration between Barbara, Timothy Long and Andy Gilliam.


Here are some selections from Barbara's CD Soul Journey.

Oostie / Amazing grace.MP3 (2.1MB) Oostie is a beautiful Cherokee lullaby that Barbara found. Oostie fades into Amazing Grace which begins in Cherokee and ends in English. Amazing Grace was sung on the Trail of Tears.

The Robin Woman's Song.MP3 (3.2MB) Check out Barbara's High B! We can't wait to edit video with this one!!!

Acerba Volutta.MP3 (3.6MB) My personal favorite!

If you'd like to purchase the 9 other tracks please see our For Sale page for purchase information.

MP3 is an excellent internet audio format for Macintosh, Windows and Amigas for my European friends. It greatly reduces file size while maintaining original sound quality. If you don't have a MP3 player yet click here for a free one.



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